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Fractional laser vaginal therapy

Bosque Women's Care offers MonaLisa Touch because not one treatment fits all patients. This therapy is one more option for treating a problem that we help women treat every single day in our office. 

We offer it because while estrogen therapy works well for many women, some are not good candidates and some would rather avoid hormones. 

We offer this therapy because it works. We care about the data. Multiple studies have shown improvement in sexual function and less pain with intercourse. Some have shown significant improvements with stress urinary incontinence, and more studies are ongoing. It is also a promising treatment for lichen sclerosus - an autoimmune skin disease of the genital area that can cause, pain, itching, and permanent scarring. 

Some of the top pelvic floor specialists in the US (Michael Karram and Michael Baggish) are contributing to the science and currently conducting studies on the use of this technology for stress urinary incontinence, lichen sclerosus, and genitourinary syndrome of menopause. 

We offer it because we are committed to advancing the art and science of medicine. We offer the latest advances in minimally invasive surgery, clinical research trials, and evidence based medicine. Now we can offer this therapy too. We bring the future of women's health to New Mexico. 

Are you a candidate? Make an appointment to discuss it with one of our experts. 

Click here for a scholarly review of the data. 

Click here for a brief bibilography of some of the research studies on this technology. 

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